H.T blade characteristics

1. Application: for cutting Wood, plastics, rubber, paper, food, leather, electronics, fabrics...etc.

2. for grooving and cutting with less procedure

3. Ultra-thin, High precesion, Superhardness

4. Finishing(coating):  customized(TiN/TiC/TiCN/TiAN/CrN)

5. Edge trimming: Numerical control grinding

6. Thickness range: 0.1mm~6.0mm

7. Precision: ±0.02mm

8. Hardness: HRC40~68 degree

9. Sharpness: 18N~30N

10. Any shape and size is available

There is no single perfect material. Many factors are involved in selecting exactly the right material to match your cutting application. Skill and experience are necessary to know what material best suits you for your application, environment, process, etc.


Our goal is to provide you a blade that gives you the maximum cutting quality at the most cost efficient price. Material selection is an important part of this equation. With that in mind, HUATIAN is happy to provide the following as a guide in the best material selection for the job:

· Availability

· Durability

· Rust resistance

· Cutting process

· Costs

· Edge geometry

· Wear resistance