HUA TIAN MACHINE KNIVES LTD established in 1990
is a family owned company located
In Anhui, China. We pride ourselves on supplying high grade
machine knives for our customers more then 50 countries in
the world........ more
At H.T Knives, we have partnered with several industry
leaders to develop custom knives for industries including
Food processing , Print and paper ,Packing and plastics,
Metal industry, Textile, Woodworking blades, Chemical.. more
The metallurgical industry thermal cutting tool material
is a difficult problem to solve, most import-dependent tool.
According to this problem,I work with professors authoritative
experts on research and development.... more
1.Application: for cutting Wood, plastics, rubber, paper,
food, leather, electronics, fabrics...etc
2.for grooving and cutting with less procedure
3.Ultra-thin, High precesion, Superhardness
4.Finishing(coating):customized(TiN/TiC/TiCN/TiAN/CrN)... more